Having been through a myriad of components I would like for the 110, I thought it would be interesting to see what I could find that I would like for the Sunny that’s on the mighty YAJ.  Things for the Sunny seem a lot more sparse and sporadic in terms of availability compared to the 110.  Odd given the age difference and production numbers.  I guess though that the fan and support base for the 110 is just that much greater and there’s more parts that are shared with other cars vs. that of the Sunny which really only shares parts with other Sunnys.

First up, Genuine Nissan 8-spokes in 8J & 9J 150000JPY

…and of course, they’re not likely to fit within the stock bodywork which would mean I’d have to get some of these;

TSCup style B310 Flares 18000JPY

Then of course there would likely still be some issues with fitment unless I got some of these…

CUSCO Camber tops 18481JPY

You’d also be silly to get flares but no other FRP items, and given I have no spoiler at the moment and ugly bumpers, why not get these?

Ducktail Spoiler 15800JPY

FRP Bumpers in pre-facelift Shape 20980JPY

Unfortunately the rear quarter badges on my coupe are disgustingly worn and half popping out most the time.  Fortunately, however, there are new reproduction Sunny badges that would replace them beautifully

Sunny Badges 4980JPY

In the current listings and line-up on my wee browse of what was available, only one other thing stood out;

Sunny Thin Slat Front Grille with 'S' badge 2000JPY

Grand Total: 230241JPY (3489NZD)

Not bad.  A lot less than the 110-wishlist and most of the expense belongs in the corner of the Nissan 8-spokes.

Any help?  :P



  • Megat says:

    Hello..can someone tell me where to get B310 over fender/fender flare like picture above? Thanks

  • kyteler says:

    You can them either from YAJ (Yahoo! Auctions Japan. If you need to do this, go to http://www.hayatonka.com to order and let Ewan know you came through retro-classics and he’ll do you a good deal.) or you could buy them from restored.jp, as you can imagine from the jp suffix, it’s Japanese so you’re likely to need Ewan’s assistance in that regard also. If you want any more information, just let me know.

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