With the cruise completed, cars caught up and ready, it was time for a course setup to be decided on and compiled for the gymkhana, thankfully the lovely people of the Tui Brewery had allowed us the use of their car-park.  I think the best thing about the gymkhana was the selection of random cars that took part, some more amusing to watch than others and some completely surprising in their results, the one that amazed the most was the Volvo of durty.  It’s quite the Sci-fi looking machine and didn’t appear to be doing so well but the times were telling stories that many eyes couldn’t fathom.

Ground Control to Major Alex.

Front tugging his way around the ‘cones in the two different layouts you’d be forgiven for thinking the Volvo would end somewhere in the middle of the pack though come time to tally the times (deliberately annoying wording) we thought our circuits were dead and something was wrong.  Though the stopwatch doesn’t lie and Alex had finished a very respectable 3rd place, immediately behind Jess/alfalfa (who was using Zep’s Gem).

Though this is actually Leon/zep, but it's the car so it'll do.

…and the winner of the gymkhana was part of my travelling family, my wife/partner/threesome participant Davecolli, driving one of oldschool’s most amazingly presented vehicles…

…which he later broke…

…but before he broke Peter’s pride and joy, he won the event, driving entirely flacidly, and like a 3month old fart.

Team Retep Racing.

You could see he was driving well but with an open diff working in his favour, the car wasn’t all over the show like some of the other participants.

Look at this joker!


Triumph hasn't seen this manner of reckless abandon since the Works Rally days.

Tamiya RC 1:1 Scale

Although not an oldschool or retro car by any stretch of the imagination, Simon is a long served member with a long serving member and any opportunity to skid his UZ 5MT powered Soarer is taken.  I had the pleasure of being passenger for a slide in this land whale and it’s everything you could ever want it to be and Simon can control it as if it were his own penis.  Cheers for the ride again man, it was epic.

Suzuki, Markku, Fiat, Subaru, Cow on a Bike, Pokemon Rap Battler.

ryanfels likes smoke (and cones)

The Photographer's and Press discuss the days events.

That’ll do for this part, I’ll throw a few more gymkhana photos and wrap-up of the Nationals into the next one before trailing off into the tale of the trialing return trip.


(happy Dave?)

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