…we rolled alongside the policeman, 3 up in a popping, farting 323 wagon, slammed, with wide steels up front and spare wheels on the back.  I can only imagine the thoughts going through the policeman’s head. “I’ll fucking have you, mate”.  He propped the breath tester towards Bistro’s mouth and gave the command, the result of course came back clear,  he then flicked his torch across the warrant and registration stickers, both legit.  He ushered us on.  Relief was at an all time high.  That said, there was a  certain supercharged Datsun 1200 behind us that the driver was equally as concerned about.  Thankfully our convoy all made it through and after a quick toilet break we continued our voyage onwards to the valley and the camp.

The darkness made the drive in the wagon that much more hilarious.  It wasn’t until we got to the camp some time later that I cracked the camera out again to take a photo of the exploded muffler.


The amount of over-run we were getting on the winding hills into the campsite was simply hilarious.  I’m sure on the decel down one of the hills it jsut didn’t stop popping, at all.  Super amusing and must have sounded just as disgusting/funny from the outside as it did from inside.  Drive completed we got on it.  There was several car loads of people there already and we had some drinking to do, to equalise our level of merriness with those already there.

The subsequent morning dawned and an illness to go with it.  Partially drink induced and I think partially the lunch from the day previous with my nephew.  That said there was more catching up and greeting to do.  I wandered about squinting in the morning/early afternoon light and took a few quick snaps with my point and shoot of the early attendees.

People came from all around...

With varied metal on rubber hooves.

Unfortunately due to wetness, the grass was evacuated later

Not a bad line-up considering the event really didn’t get into full swing for another day yet.  Such is the way of oldschool, a day of extra catching up and shenanigans goes down well with all members.

Ford, Mazda, Fiat, Subaru, Hillman, Triumph, Datsun, Holden, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda, Volvo & Vauxhall all with representatives attending thus far and the variation was only to grow in both model and manufacturer.  Good times imminent and inevitable.





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