If you thought my pace on the Skyline was glacial, the task of converting my RX-7 to a pure two seater is proving to be a few orders of magnitude worse. At the rate this is going, I don’t see it being back on the road this year unless I fly over to the States and hand pick the parts myself.

the first piece of the puzzle has now arrived in the form of a complete rear carpet section (in the correct colour and trim). Discovered it going for cheap on eBay partway through last month, so I promptly bought and had it shipped to NZ – and the goddamn freight ended up costing more than the item. At least it only took 14 days to get here.

One thing down, about 400 to go...

the search continues in the form of a daily trawl of eBay; a listing for a pair of rear trim panels has now appeared, but the seller has quoted phenomenal shipping to NZ – easily over $100US. Fun times.

Some days I wonder if it would’ve just been easier all along to have the rear pillars re-engineered, the interior hacked to pieces, and an extra $3000 handed over JUST for a pair of seatbelts in the back.

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