As you can imagine at a Classic meeting, the fields are often littered with replicas of famous cars, the surprising part is that there is a genuinely large amount of the genuine article also.  This 510 is exactly that, from the GT2 class in the states an ex-Valley Datsun racer, beautifully presented by the Brown family of Timaru, a well known and respected family of Datsun enthusiasts.



I am a huge fan of the B&H BMW, not only due to my recollections of ATCC’s past but it’s association with the late and great Denny Hulme.  I will forever remember watching the car coast to the side of the track with Mr. Hulme passed away behind the wheel.  For those unaware, as usual, someone has uploaded the recorded incident onto YouTube.


Despite what the Video says, Denny Hulme passed away on-track of a heart attack.  You can read a little more about Denny, here:


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