I’ve been doing little bits and pieces on the 110 again lately.  I decided it would be easy to move it around if I hooked up everything to the L28 for it and put the transmission and the rest of the crap back in.  It’s taking a little while, mostly because the weather is shit and working in a cold garage in shit weather, is not fun.  I’ve got the flywheel and clutch all swapped over, the gearbox in, the slave cylinder all bled up and operating again.  The good news is that when i was checking clearances again today, with the gearbox on and everything bolted close to final measurements, I’ve discovered that I need not make any allowances on the headers for the steering linkages.  Yussss.  I did also note however that I need new outer rod ends.  Boo.

Still, here’s pictoral evidence of my pissing about…

L6 on Trips, can't wait.

Clearance? Miles of it!

It was interesting to see just how much higher the back of the motor sits when the gearbox is all bolted up, from going to just rubbing to maybe 20mm of clearance, I was quite content.

Starter Motor, check. Replacing coolant setup with L24 version, check.

I discovered also that I cannot use the high torque LD28 starter motor as it’s throw-out gear is a lot larger than the standard type.  This is slightly disappointing but given I have at least 2 or 3 standard types kicking about, it’s not really a problem.  I could probably see about getting the gear from a standard one pressed onto the end of the high torque one.  Something to worry about when the engine is worked and stroked though.

Despite appearances, the intake and exhaust is only just sitting on there to check clearances, there’s no gasket and it’s not been fired up, turns out there’s a few more bits of crap that have to be sorted out in regards to differences between an L28 from an EFi Nissan Leopard and the L24 from a carb’d Nissan Skyline.

Still, it’s been good to work on the car again, have myself quite motivated, gutted the funds aren’t there to do more but something is better than nothing.

…and to close, here’s a view of how the cabin is likely to look;

Pitted Cock.

Pitted cock.

I’ve not decided quite yet whether I’ll bother to put a centre console back in.  I guess when the interior panelling returns, it’s likely to look silly without it.  We’ll see.  As you can imagine, I sat in the chair and made noises, while smashing through the gears.  It’s the little things in life.


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