Came across this freakin’ awesome piece o’ kit while doing the daily Yahoo Used Car trawl… I’ll let this plaque do the talking.

Specially Tuned by Special Engine Maker!

That’s right, a HKS tuned widebody GSR-V that belonged to none other than Mr. Jackie Chan himself.

Check out the signature decal on the door:

Jackie Chan, mofuggas!

And it could be yours for a cool 2 million yams, or just under $31,500NZD. Damn, I wish I were a rich man so I could buy this for posterity.

love that widebody.

Oddly enough at first glance the engine doesn’t seem to be of the DASH powered variant, but then again, who really cares when it’s already been fettled by HKS? Also, forget what’s under the bonnet – how cool would it be to have this car sitting in your living room? You can tell your mates, “Yeah, it used to belong to Jackie Chan…”


Jackie Chan Edition HKS Starion on Yahoo Used Car »


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