As much as I would like to, I don’t really have any plans to get alloys out of Japan for the H230 (260C/Cedric) seeing as it’s not an option I’m really considering for it whilst it’s in my possession, it is sometimes interesting to see what’s available.  These few took my fancy.   Remember, if you’re keen on them give Ewan @ an email with the URL mention us @ and he’ll sort you out a pretty good deal.

Impul D - Hoshino Racing (18,900JPY pair)

Takechi Project - Racing Hart (40,000JPY set)

Hayashi Racing - Street (9,450JPY pair)

Work - Equip (18,000JPY set)

ADVAN - Dish (9,450JPY set)

RS-Watanabe - Stellar/Star (7,000JPY pair)

Work - Equip (3,000JPY single)

Techno Racing - Phantom (63000JPY set)

August Racing - Feroce (6,000JPY set)

RS-Watanabe - 5spoke (85,000JPY set)

…and there was plenty more to choose from too.  You can browse them all here; YAJ 14″, 5 stud – Aftermarket


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