Just a few scans shared from the Parts Book I was kindly sent, the coolest thing about it was seeing the different versions that were available of the L38 360.  Check ‘em out!

Old 2 Door Series

Old Hardtop Series

Old StationWagon Series

Check out the newer versions on the RC flickr, here;

Daihatsu L38 Model Lineup;



  • Ed says:

    The Max hardtop rocks! I’d love one of those. It must be one of the smalles hardtops there is.

  • kyteler says:

    Yeah, the Hardtops are brilliant. The particularly awesome thing about them is that they came with Disc brakes and standard hubs, so they would fit regular wheels! If only I could find even a parts one with disc brakes, it would be brilliant. Of course, I have no idea what the PCD would be, probably something as awkward as the Gen. I Civic! hahah

  • Phil says:

    That Hardtop looks pretty cool, the different front fascia almost reminds me of the Honda 1300.
    BTW, I saw a 360 on TM the other day with a familiar username inquiring. Are you resisting the temptation to buy another one Kyteler?

  • kyteler says:

    I refuse to confirm or deny! :P

    It’s already almost twice what I paid for mine and the Registration is dead, so, not really sure what I’ll do just yet.

  • Stephen says:

    HI just out googling and found this thread. I have a small collection of these little maxes myself and would be keen to touch base with other owners. I have about enough parts to built about five complete cars and am working on the first two now one 72 and one 74 with lpg fitted.

    Cheers Stephen

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