Event; Winton Motorama

March 16, 2010

As referred to yesterday, here’s the rest of the photographs I took at said event.  Well, here’s a few and then a link to the gallery where you can enjoy the rest.

Aussie Muscle

This picture I think grabbed all the respective elements of your typical Aussie Muscle car.  Dished Slot Mags,  White Lettered Tyres and a ’5.8′ badge on the quarter.  It belonged to this well kept car;

Ford Falcon GS Coupe

One of many well looked after and presented cars that took their place in quite a large scale show, given the size of then town (Winton has a population of around 2000 people) obviously many of the cars came from other parts of Southland but it was still interesting to see the diversity in numbers.

These were probably my favourites of the show;

1964 DKW F11 (front)

1964 DKW F11 (rear)

1972 Subaru FF-1 (front)

1972 Subaru FF-1 (rear)

Hell, and many more, I could go on posting forever but it would destroy peoples bandwidth, so I’ll just let you view them on flickr, here;




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