C110 Floor & H230 Lamps

January 28, 2010

Got a little more done today, quite happy with how easy this stuff is to chip off.  I assume there’s a solvent that can be used for tidying up the residual crap?  If anyone has an idea, let me know.  Keen to get the solid floor sparkling.



I love that the previous owner left the floor alone, it’s so satisfying knocking out 1.5kg and finding clean floor underneath.

Also, since I’ve had the 260C it’s had cartaracts.  A foggy LHS high-beam lamp, initially it still worked despite this but I noticed a few days ago that it stopped working so I dug into my spares and got that sorted too seeing as the weather was so good.

From this…

I cannae see Cap'n!

To this, after a minute of surgery.

It's a miracle!

Probably should have done it a while ago, it gives the car a much crisper look with that simple task completed.  Still, it’s done now.



  • 86LIFE says:

    Wax and grease remover or if you like you can use petrol to clean off whats left. Gloves and gas mask may be required. I wonder if paint stripper would work.

  • kyteler says:

    I asked Ed and he was of the opinion that White Spirits would do the trick, which makes sense. I used it to dissolve the rubber around the rear screen to remove it, should work a treat on the sound deadening too. Will let everyone know how I get on.

  • 510WGN says:

    Usually if they go cloudy and still work, they have a bit of a leak. I’ve seen a dodgy batch of sealed beam work lights go cloudy as soon as they were fitted and turned on. They were even Hella items too!!

  • Ed says:

    Paint thinners will also do it. Bit stinky though.

  • vegie says:

    mineral turpintine!
    trust me, ive done the floor/firewall and entire floorpan and found this works the best…

  • Steve - nzmax says:

    When I used to have my Prince Gloria on the road, one of the inner headlamps had done the same thing, still worked but not as bright as it should be. When I took the lamp out to replace it, it still had the Prince ‘P’ symbol on the back of it. Took the rest out and they had the ‘P’ on them too. Even much more exciting, was the replacement lamp rolling round in the bottom of a box of Prince parts was stamped with the ‘P’ too, so still have a full set of genuine Prince spare part lamps.

  • kyteler says:

    Steve; That’s awesome. Makes me wonder what I have amongst my spares and what’s already in the S21. Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend! hahhaa

  • kyteler says:

    Craig; Sweet. I have bottles of both White Spirits and Turps so will get into that this afternoon. Clean floorpan. Woo! :D

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