During one of his many excursions into the country delivering things, my friend Adrian stumbled upon a rather interesting find.  Amongst a sea of engineering metal, was a lime green glow.  Further inspection revealed it to be a Gen I, Honda Civic.  Connections were made with the owner and within moments, for the price of 24-Pack, the Civic had a new owner.  The only problem was it needed moved which was tricky in that several components had already been pilfered from it, the most important of which was the Steering Wheel and indeed the rest of the Wheels!  It was organised that the engineering firm would place the car on a pallet and then that pallet would be placed on a trailer and Robert’s your parents Sibling.

That’s where I come in.  Adrian had recently sold his car that had been equipped with a tow-bar which left the job to me and the wonderful H230.  I could think of nothing better than using a classic to tow a classic so in the morning before working my evening shift we ventured out to pick up the car where I was greeted with this sight;

Awesomeness Incarnate

Ready to be hauled off;

Your Chariot Awaits!

I wandered about the car checking out it’s various tricks and traits whilst Adrian went to talk to the people in the office about getting it loaded on the trailer.  The exterior is littered with the typical race livery stickers and painting as such;

Honda Dealership Sponsor - Check

Car/Driver Nickname Painting - Check

and the most important of all, the revised powerplant;

Honda City Turbo II, Motor - Check

By the time I’d finished fiddling about the car taking the photos the chap on the forklift was ready to load it onto the trailer for us.

With that out of the way, we tied the sucker down so it wouldn’t budge, before heading home…

Then we headed back to town to drop it off;

All done before lunch.

So with some bits and pieces to find (if you can help, let me know) it won’t take long before what hasn’t seen the track in something like 8 years might well do again.

Alloys could be tricky, it’s 4×120 PCD, Steering Wheel, unsure but will check some bosses I have laying around.

The good news is that despite having the manifolds ripped off the motor, some lubricant was left in the bores for a few hours to settle in there before Adrian decided to check whether the engine even turned over, magically it not only turns over but it tried to burst into life on him!

EEEEEEEEEEXCELLENT.  Can’t wait to have a fang about in it at Teretonga.



  • Ed says:

    Cool! Any idea of it’s history? Yahoo Japan will yield cool wheels in 4×120 if you’re patient. Watch the offset though as some are RWD for Mazda. I managed to get these SSR’s which is exactly the sort of thing that would look right on that race car.. http://www.ratdat.com/?p=267
    There’s usually a few sets of RS style rims on there too and due to the oddball PCD they seem to be reasonably cheap.


  • kyteler says:

    Being looked into, will be getting it’s logbook. Which should tell us what it competed in, etc.

    Apparently had Rally and Sprints use but that will need investigating.

    I’ve found that too in regards to wheels. If it’s not 114.3 then it’s usually not that expensive. I found an awesome set of RS-Watanabe’s but they were either 4×100 or 4×110 and so had nowhere near the price-tag of the 114.3 in the same widths and offset.

  • Josh says:

    Robert’s your parents Sibling alright, I remember seeing this in my travels.


  • kyteler says:

    Yeah, it’s a choice little car. On the track of a donor EB1 for parts too, thanks to Josh. Owner of this little gem; http://blog.retro-classics.co.nz/?p=2377

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