Multi-Club Meet, CHC

January 18, 2010

This meeting of many clubs took place on Sunday, the build-up for it indicated that it may well have blown up t epic proportion and when I viewed some of the photos from it just now I was amazed not just by the number of cars that showed but by the diversity.  Of all the events that took place over this weekend, I think this would have been the one to attend, were it possible.  Enough blather from me though, check it out for yourself;

Photo Courtesy of "Horse25"

YouTube video Courtesy of EFI_LC.

I’ve included some more pictures in the post as well as a link to the thread and photo galleries available so far, at the bottom of the post.

R I V E R S I D E attended



LC Torana

Dirty HQ

Toymota Starletto

Isuzu Bellett

…and of course there were many, many more.

The link to the thread on is as follows;

Horse25′s Photo Gallery’

I’ll add links to more photo galleries as and when they come available so if you like what you’ve seen already then stay tuned!

Gutted I couldn’t attend.  Next one perhaps.


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