Nissan Zama Museum

November 27, 2009

Those of you that have been around the interwebs a while will be no doubt familiar with the various Zama photographs that have been put on various forums about the place.  Though I always found them annoying for the most part.  You would see a car beside a car that there was a photo of but then no photo of that damn car!  They walked right past it!!

Just now I stumbled upon this page, it’s by far the most complete even though it might not include everything; Garage 43 – “Offline Meeting”

Here’s a taster…

Click the above link to enjoy the rest.


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  • Josh says:

    This post is 3 years old and the garage 43 link is no longer working. I don’t suppose anyone saved the pics or know if they appear anywhere else? I am really interested in seeing more of the Zama cars.

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