Guess the Car!

November 6, 2009 – Guess the Car.  Proudly Sponsored by…

Alright! it’s that time again.  Though this time around we’ve got a bit more incentive.   With HUGE thanks to Ewan @ the winner of this little game will receive a prize! HOLY CRAP!  Can you imagine!?  So, without further delay here is the vehicle you have to guess;

Prize and Entry Details as follows…

Everyone who enters with the correct answer (if there is more than one correct) will get their name written on a piece of paper and then placed into some form of container, mixed up and then attempted to be grabbed by a hand belonging to someone who might not be me.  It will be as fair as possible.  Should there be only one correct answer.  You’ll get the prize!  Win!

I’ll leave it open for 1-2weeks depending on submission levels.

The prize.. DUN DUN DUN!  is… your choice of ONE of the following 1/32 Owner’s Club models as provided by Hayatonka.

So get your entries in!

Big thanks go out to Ewan.

Remember, if you’re after something from Japan, he’s the man with the plan.



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