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October 22, 2009

zeki has updated his Minkara blog with more choice DR30/general OS Nissan meet photos from this weekend just been. Sometimes I wish that sort of thing happened here – but I guess that’s what the annual Auckland classic Jap meets are all about. (fake edit: Also some photos from the same event by SKYHAND, here)

take off every Zig, for great justice!

in front of the iconic Fuji Speedway entrance gates. I hope to journey there myself next year

Darth Vader himself would be pleased

anyway, less talk, more photagonals…

Triple slat with a side of extra high?


one-ten sedan

one so the 'yotaboiz don't feel left out

240ZG, ftw

this is so friggin' sweet

wait what, slicks?

Pig bum with a bit of 'dental' work

If your brain hasn’t yet popped from all the compressed awesome, go check out the zeki and SKYHAND galleries. DO ET NAO!!!

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