Have a laugh at my Southland accent, I know you want to.

I was going to throw in a few extra ‘R’ words but the memory stick ran out of space and cut me off.



  • tortron says:

    i expected you to sound more like the mighty boom of Oden

  • durty says:

    lols at someone honking back at you and telling the radio to shutup

  • FuzzayD says:

    Wicked, I’d tell that chick from ZB to shut up too.

  • Rhys says:

    Wow, people down south sound just like my younger brother.
    Hows engine parts coming along?

  • kyteler says:

    It’s a waiting game. Hopefully something shortly but it’s a bit of a stab in the dark. So fingers crossed.

  • Fráguas says:


    what do you need for the engine. maby I have, or give links where to get it.
    I have one of those. it?s now reparing the electric parts.

    check this link:

    it’s very dificult get parts for this car.



  • kyteler says:

    Thank you, Fráguas.

    I require a few parts just for the engine;

    2x sets of rings for 040 Pistons
    2x Needle Roller Bearings for Gudgeon Pin end of Rod
    2x Gudgeon Pins

    The engine overheated on the previous owner and was disassembled when I got it. Everything else on the car appears to be fine, other than needing a little metal welded in, here and there.

    Though I can’t tell for certain until I get it running and give it a little road test to see whether other parts might need some work.

    Are you just repairing your electrics? Do you have the wiring diagrams? If I can help you in any way with yours, just let me know!

  • Fráguas says:


    Sorry but my english for mecanical parts it’s very bad.
    check this link to see if this is the sets of rings, i think it is:
    I don’t know what’s Gudgeon. end of rod?

    My car was bought almost 2 years ago in bad shape. a little better than yours I think. But I Bought many parts of other engine that broke. The car was dismount, and after the electrics are ok, it will go for paint again and then the seats and that, and it’s finished I hope.

    If you can show me some pictures of what you need, maybe I can help you.

    Sorry for my english,


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