Nice car, not so nice price

October 7, 2009

Apologies for the lack of posts from my end lately – been quite busy with other things, though I have been hammering out a few articles in the back of my mind for eventual submission to the blog, and today’s mini-update somewhat relates to one of them.


here we have a tidy little “Series 2″ (or Mk4) Escort RS turbo, nice car ‘n all, but upon closer inspection the price is enough to give anyone a heart attack. And that’s pretty much it; I’ve never really understood what makes ’80s “European” Fords any more desirable than their Aussie or Japanese counterparts, but I can tell you now if I tried selling my TX3 for a similar amount I’d probably get laughed off the face of the earth.

Silliness and bullshit aside, stay tuned for a new ’80s turbo talk article in the coming week(s). By now you’ve most likely guessed what it’ll be about!

Ford Escort RS turbo for sale »


  • jarred says:

    these are nice cars, many many yrs ago i missed a chance to owning a mk3 escort, that was tidy like you wouldnt beleave, but even back then said person wanted abit to much ( it was only a n/a version but meh ) dont see very many of them kicking around in NZ

  • Orion says:

    yup, but stuff paying $12k for what is essentially an English BD Familia. it’s weird how some people have this mentality that “just because it’s European that means it’s worth heaps more”…

  • Phil says:

    I’d far prefer the XR3i over this, those CVH engines really aren’t the best and the exposed cambelt really leads to a short lifespan. It’s cool to have though, much like having a Sierra Cosworth, even though some of the Japanese cars could be considered better.

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