Monday.. yuck

October 5, 2009

I did nothing to my cars on the weekend, which I’m almost shamed by were it not for the fact that it was bitterly cold. I would have to allow the throwing of rotten produce in my direction.

Anyway, on to things of an automotive nature. I got given the link to this by El Pieso last week. It’s a flickr album of a chap with some wicked Automotive photography, Check out a few samples;

27 Dodge Sedan

'27 Dodge Sedan

55 Bel-Air

'55 Bel-Air

32 Roadster Pick-up

'32 Roadster Pick-up

…and now for something, a little different…

Frog-eye Sprite

Frog-eye Sprite

Many, many more galleries to see, and you can do so by checking out the main page here;

Cheers to Mr. M Galbraith for the link.



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