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B-B-B-Bird, bird, bird.  Bluebird’s the word.

So, I went up to Christchurch this weekend been to attend a “Hoarder’s Auction” an older Japanese gentleman had spent many years accumulating a large collection of both cars and completely random things that he picked up from other auction houses.  So when he passed, his son was so over-whelmed by the task of selling it, that he passed the job on to Christchurch Auctions.  (I’ll do another entry on the auction later)

I had initially planned on attending simply due to the presence in the line-up of another S21D-4 Prince Skyline Super, however after I inspected the S21, I soon discovered it was not worth a lot to me.  It was in worse shape than mine and only had a few parts that I could use.  The bidding soon got above a self-imposed limit and I followed along the auctions, watching many people grab many bargains.