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More of this and of the 2011 Classic Speed Fest. in the coming days, it’s taking a lot longer to go through the photos than I anticipated.

Snoozin's Mk.II Triumph Mk.II reaches a conclusion

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February 19, 2011

Classic Speed Fest. 2011 - Entry, Coming Soon!


With a few blips of the throttle thrown in for good measure… I should really invest in a better microphone. Either that, or not record stuff to my iPod :D

Love the little ‘burble’ in the exhaust note, Michael once described it as sounding “like the car was underwater”. L20ETs have a similar sound if you listen closely.

not long to go before I begin the big boost build…

Continue for Part 2 & 3 (more…)

Just $5000NZD (€2800EU, $3800USD, £2400GBP , 13800QAR, руб110401RUB, RM11400MYR, ¥316000JPY excl. Transport & Shipping) and it’s yours.  I don’t care where in the world it goes, I’m not Carmen Sandiego.

Just Beachy

I want to get my C110 sorted desperately and so I need to sell this.  You’d be buying an awesome car as well as helping out another awesome car.  Is there a greater gift?

No.  There is not.

…and here’s the entry from when I bought it;