Archive for November 9th, 2010

More spare parts for the BFMR, that is. The convenient thing about amassing a giant pile of spares is that you’re guaranteed to find something missing, broken, or jabroni’d on the project car which requires replacing, post-haste. Usually something trivial, too!

See, I knew this stuff would come in handy one day!

Been ferrying things daily from the lockup down to the garage as I need them, today’s pile of swag includes the radiator overflow bottle, a factory blow off valve return line, the rear washer bottle, a piece of intake J-pipe, and some assorted sensors and electrical parts for when I start testing that side of things.

Anyway, in my first project BFMR update I mentioned briefly that I had a theory the supposed engine failure wasn’t catastrophic. After the jump is a related photo, and some rumination on why I think so: