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Courtesy of the YouTube member AACForum (Australian Autosport Community) I present to you the two parts of the Hardie’s in which an unlikely candidate earns pole position for the 1984 Bathurst 1000 race.


As much as I would like to, I don’t really have any plans to get alloys out of Japan for the H230 (260C/Cedric) seeing as it’s not an option I’m really considering for it whilst it’s in my possession, it is sometimes interesting to see what’s available.  These few took my fancy.   Remember, if you’re keen on them give Ewan @ an email with the URL mention us @ and he’ll sort you out a pretty good deal.

Impul D - Hoshino Racing (18,900JPY pair)

Takechi Project - Racing Hart (40,000JPY set)


Events; JCCS 2010

July 13, 2010

Whilst doing my little morning browse, I stumbled across this entry over at the JNC blog; JCCA Classic Car Festival at Tsukuba what greeted me in the entry was definitely of interest but it wasn’t until browsing the thread on the forum itself that my eyes really began to open.  I’ve seen coverage of this event numerous times over the years, usually from the JCCA website itself so it was interesting to see it from a Westerner’s perspective, or more specifically, an Australian’s.  Kev (owner of a KGC10 GT-R Look, of grandJDM and now JNC fame) kindly photo-documented the journey for JNC readers, brilliantly too.  So rather than take away from him, I suggest you read the entries and sites I’ve linked to here and I’ll just throw in a few of my favourite shots to further convince you to do so.

British, German & Japanese metal, lining up to compete

TSCup Cars (Background), Ginettas, Morgan & Lancia Monte Carlo (Foreground)


I was visiting a friend this weekend just been whose birthday it is today (Happy Birthday, Adrian :P ) irrelevant to mention, I know.  Anyway.  He informed me that he’d spotted a car returning to the earth but had no camera on him at the time to take a photo so he gave me the directions and I shot off to have a gander at it and this is what greeted me when I found it.  Can you tell what it is?

I think it might have sat there a while.  Certainly before that tree started growing beside it.

So!  What do you think it is?