As you can imagine at a Classic meeting, the fields are often littered with replicas of famous cars, the surprising part is that there is a genuinely large amount of the genuine article also.  This 510 is exactly that, from the GT2 class in the states an ex-Valley Datsun racer, beautifully presented by the Brown family of Timaru, a well known and respected family of Datsun enthusiasts.



The details of some of the other attending vehicles…


Boot lid of one of the most beautiful cars ever.
Powerplant of the ever popular Ford Escort



Grid’em up.

Then send ‘em out… (more…)

Here’s a quick little half assed video just taken with my old SONY-H2 camera of the F5000′s doing some practice on the Friday.


I figured I’d just continue Part II on with some more photographs of the line-up of F5000 (& F1) cars that were attending;

I'm not sure Lush could be any more appropriate

The whole car