Thankfully you don’t have to try and scour the memory banks for visions of your own any longer as the AACForums have kindly posted the Hardies Heroes (Top 10 Qualifier Shootout) from the 1984 series.  It’s far more exciting to watch than the modern fodder, that’s for sure.  It has other such wonders as Moffatt driving an RX7 also.  Awesome stuff.  I suggest you have a gander.

Of course, then this whole incident happened, which was a bit of a drama… (more…)

Having been through a myriad of components I would like for the 110, I thought it would be interesting to see what I could find that I would like for the Sunny that’s on the mighty YAJ.  Things for the Sunny seem a lot more sparse and sporadic in terms of availability compared to the 110.  Odd given the age difference and production numbers.  I guess though that the fan and support base for the 110 is just that much greater and there’s more parts that are shared with other cars vs. that of the Sunny which really only shares parts with other Sunnys.

First up, Genuine Nissan 8-spokes in 8J & 9J 150000JPY

…and of course, they’re not likely to fit within the stock bodywork which would mean I’d have to get some of these;

TSCup style B310 Flares 18000JPY

Then of course there would likely still be some issues with fitment unless I got some of these…


Not sure about the wheels at all but the car itself taking on the track and the rain, what’s to not like?

Modern rims? eeh, not no much...

This and previous photograph courtesy of GTNet


Inspiration; 110 Again.

June 29, 2011

I just had a little bit of potentially fruitful news which could mean there will be decent progress happening on the 110-Project in the not tooooo distant future.  As such, take this!

GT Challenge Cup, Japan

Cool as this is, mine won’t look quite like that.  Still, it’s awesome.

Dear, Please gift me all available KGC110 items from your catalogue.  Your friend, Michael.

Damn, those dished Works fill the guards nicely on this AW. I wonder what the measurements are?

Red Two, standing by.

Photo courtesy of minkara