The age-old question: pre-facelift DR30, or iron mask, which do you like better? Michael likes the uglyfronts:


Whilst I prefer the squinty Darth Vader-esque evilness of the facelift:

Or no grille?

Amazingly, I still meet people who can’t tell the difference between the two!

Images courtesy of Minkara/Carview

The best stuff always seems to pop up when you’ve got no way of getting it.  Example, these two auctions finish tonight and are the EXACT wheels I’m after for the C110.

RS-Watanabe Type-R 16x8.5" -6 offset

RS-Watanabe Type-R 16x9.5" -19 offset

Ahh well.  One day…


Random snap: SURPRISE! AW11

March 11, 2010

Those wily Japanese come up with some of the strangest company names…

What a delightful surprise!

Still doesn’t beat FLYRAT though, which is a car yard named after not one, but TWO types of vermin. Genki desu!

Toyota MR2 AW11 for sale at SURPRISE »

OK, so a lot of us have seen pictures of the Prototype Works KPGC110 Race Car. However, have you heard it? You can now.


sweet random snap from a recent discussion thread about Skylines and race livery. I quite like the Calsonic colour(s) myself, even though I’ve never been a large fan of blue cars. (It’s second only to the DR30 Silhouette red’n'black in my books, but that’s a given!)

Of equal interest is the large MIKUNI logo on the wall in the background… now how sweet would that be on a t-shirt?!

Number 24, Calsonic HR31

but riddle me this: who drove the #24 car, and when? The only one I remember is #12.