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Wait... What?

I think this is possibly one of the coolest conversions I’ve ever seen.  Take 1x Y30 Cedric Wagon and graft on bits from a 720 Pickup.  Not only does it suit it right down to the ground on the face of it, but the detail done to the rear is also very staunch looking…


By the time you read this article, the auction in question will have expired (either with or without a buyer).

Phillip Weston RMVT or one of the Mitsi aficionados can correct me if I’m wrong – but as far as I know, facelift narrowbody GSR-Vs (post-1985) with the 2.0 Sirius DASH engine are a rare breed, since by this time the widebody GSR-VR model with the 2.6 Astron had pretty much superseded the rest of the Starion range. So to see one for sale on YAJ in tidy condition, and for a very reasonable price is pleasantly surprising indeed.

and don’t you just love the versatility of bronze Watanabes?

1987 Mitsubishi Starion: DASH 3x2 powered!

For 280,000 yen (buynow) you’d be safe to assume someone would snap it up ultra quick, if not locally within Japan then possibly internationally – as this recent thread on Austarions would suggest.

if I had the means to buy it right now, I would… but bigger and better things currently take precedence. Hopefully in my next scheduled blog update I can shed more light on this very subject.

Rare car! Mitsubishi Starion GSR V for sale on Yahoo! Auctions Japan »

The best stuff always seems to pop up when you’ve got no way of getting it.  Example, these two auctions finish tonight and are the EXACT wheels I’m after for the C110.

RS-Watanabe Type-R 16x8.5" -6 offset

RS-Watanabe Type-R 16x9.5" -19 offset

Ahh well.  One day…



January 7, 2010

Speaking of RS-Watanabe’s.


Oh mai.

So, you like RS-Watanabe’s and you own a classic Skyline or similar.  Watanabe’s do command quite a premium and perhaps don’t have the same significance that these do;

Mmmm, 8-spoke.

If you’re too lazy to click it to find out more info, what you’re looking at is a 14x8J ’0′ offset Optional Wheel, presumably for use with the PGC10 you’ve just bought.  Nice.  A pair for 50,000JPY starting.  Seems reasonable?