Random Retro Snap

After selling my white T-top MR2 SC, I lasted all of two weeks before giving in to temptation and commenced searching for another AW11 to trundle around in for everyday duties.

If anyone’s keeping count, this is number five.

Test drove a couple of examples up here in Auckland and was severely disappointed by a) price, b) various mechanical faults, and c) an endemic reluctance on the part of each seller to negotiate a) based on b). Gave Ewan @ hayatonka a call as well, but a search of the auctions and yards in Japan yielded no results within budget, apart from a couple examples with major rust that would never have passed compliance here in NZ without $$$$ worth of repairs :doubt:

Then just as I was about to give up, I received a phone call from a good friend in Wellington saying that one of his mates was selling a tidy hardtop manual AW11 SC, in more or less standard condition, and was I interested at all?

And it's all over you. Electric Blue.


Inspiration; 110 Again.

June 29, 2011

I just had a little bit of potentially fruitful news which could mean there will be decent progress happening on the 110-Project in the not tooooo distant future.  As such, take this!

GT Challenge Cup, Japan

Cool as this is, mine won’t look quite like that.  Still, it’s awesome.

Dear restored.jp, Please gift me all available KGC110 items from your catalogue.  Your friend, Michael.

Damn, those dished Works fill the guards nicely on this AW. I wonder what the measurements are?

Red Two, standing by.

Photo courtesy of minkara

Here you go Art (Banpei).

I was looking through the photographs of the recent trip taken to Horopito by some of the oldschool.co.nz lads and one car in particular stuck out.  I caught a glimpse of it in this photo;

Behind the MS65 Crown, lurks an 80's child.

I’m sure banpei knows what it is, but do you? (more…)

I just saw this on Banpei this morning and had a chuckle so had to share it with those who might browse this but not that.

Horsing around with badges.

I’ll put a post up shortly that you might like too, Art, so keep your peepers peeled! ;)