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May 25, 2009

With most everything in recent time posted on RC being of a classic Japanese nature, I thought I should try bring back a little bit of balance and what better way to do so than to show you the second car I owned (the first was a 1978 Chrysler Avenger 1600GL/S).

You’ll have to excuse the quality of the pictures, they were taken back in 2002 with an old AGFA digital camera, as cool and handy as the camera was, it didn’t have a great colour depth, irrespective of that you still get a legible image and so here it is in all it’s glory;

1976 Ford Escort MkII 2door

1976 Ford Escort MkII 2door

As you can see, it was in pretty good condition.  There were some cover-ups by the previous owner(s) but certainly nothing dramatic, at least not as far as an Escort goes.  It was 4spd, floor-shift with the optional disc brakes up front.  Not that it could really go so fast that you would need the disc brakes.  I still think putting some spotlamps behind the grille was the best idea.  It kept the car looking clean and then come night-time when the factory headlamps were decidedly average a flick of the switch would illuminate the road and everything else infront of you, including police cars when you forget they were on when driving about in town and you subsequently get pulled over.  It was a fun car to drive even if it wasn’t as quick as my old Avenger.   Here’s a few more pictures of it, (more…)

A’maz’ing 7

May 6, 2009

I just got linked these pictures by Ed and thought they were worthy of sharing.  I know little to nothing about this car so if you do, feel free to share!

Le Mans?  Perhaps!  Awesome? Yes!

Le Mans? Perhaps! Awesome? Yes!


Mmmm, period goodness.  Even if the MAZDA logo done in MARTINI/NISSAN/DATSUN style is a little weird. ;)


C110 in Use

April 30, 2009

No, not mine.  Sadly.

However, recent postings by brocky41 of both datsun.co.nz and oldschool.co.nz fame, have brought forth video of a certain KHGC110 that races in the North Island.  I’d seen the car on trademe initially, a few years back, just as a road car.  Subsequently I saw a few pictures of it via Snoozin who helps out at the Manfeild track, marshalling and such, given him the perfect place to take photographs.  However, as nice (though somewhat plain) as it looked in photographs, seeing and hearing it in motion via brocky41‘s video postings, is a different sensation entirely.  So I thought that seeing as I’m on a bit of a C110 mission with my own at the moment, I’d use it as further inspiration as well as share it with you.  So enjoy the few video’s and pictures that I do have and if you live in the NI, go see it race and commend the chap on his choice of car.

Datsun 240KGT (KHGC110)

Datsun 240KGT (KHGC110)

Click the ‘More>>’ for .. well, more pictures and the video.


After being inspired to try my new arrivals on the car I thought I would upload a high-res version of this photo, just because I quite like it.  I’ll assume someone else might too… perhaps…


1600x1200 Wallpaper for you peeps.

Same deal as previous ones, either click directly on it or alternatively right click and “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…” depending on your browser.


AW yeah.

April 1, 2009

I couldn’t help myself, and the price was right. So here it is, AW11 number four (and the first supercharged one I’ve owned). The goods: LSD ‘box, pulley upgrade, and ABV mod; suffice to say it tears up the roads with ease, and the way the blower spits out all that torque from down low is phenomenal compared to all those turbo vehicles I own. Why I ever wasted time piddling around in atmo 4A-GE AW11s I’ll never know…

also has some incredibly lightweight 14″ wheels of unknown description, which pleasantly surprised me when I picked one up.

Presently it has a hole in the exhaust flexi joint, so sounds like a tractor – I must attend to that before its next warrant of fitness. But in summary, most fun daily evar!


wedgey goodness

ok, so it’s up on stands in the photo…. but as you’ll note, that was taken in the pits at Taupo. damn supercharger belt had a bad case of the slip that day :(

But still… whee!


flying doorstop express