Random Retro Snap

We’ll do a full feature on this at a later date, until then;

Photos by Orion

Random Retro Snap; ’55 Nomad

September 21, 2010

I’ve encountered this car at a few shows about the place before but this morning I found it parked only a little way down from my work and I had my camera on my, figured it would be rude to not share it.


Garage Slipway - Building Badass Since Ages Ago.


And to answer the unasked question: 3 degrees negative camber, thank you very much.

225/50R15 Toyo T1-R, on 15x8.0J -3 Work Ewing III

Though I must admit, it’s far from practical on the average New Zealand road.

More information and a bunch of videos can be found here. Nothing quite like watching a field of done-up old classics duking it out.

TE27 leading the pack

also – if you ain’t got overfenders and a front lip kit, you are NOBODY!