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Test fitted some 15×7.0J +3 offset Watanabes on squid this morning. Like a glove/bauce/virgin etc.

This is a thing which is good.

They look so good I suppose I should just buy the damn things, trash the Hankooks and roll some sweet Toyo rubber. Doubt anyone would pay me what I want for the deep-dish Ewings, so into permastorage they shall go.

now that just leaves me with the conundrum of what to do with the Linea Sports I bought just the other week…

This time I even created a pro little title card for the beginning of the video, wooo.

annoyingly the sound is still distorted in places, the only way to fix this is to record with something that isn’t an ipod.

I love the angry idle, it gets deliciously lumpy around 30 seconds in. Basically DR30s are awesome, FJ20s are awesome, lumpy cams are awesome, putting a big turbo on will be awesome… etc

in other news, these should clean up well.

authentik '80s Linea Sport Fin

5,472km. Probably one of the least travelled EB1s in the world.

According to the ad this car was on display at Honda’s head office in Manukau for a number of years, and I can corroborate that story as I used to drive past the place a few times every week. Always wondered what the deal was with the little red Civic sitting in the showroom window…

Then one day about three years ago it mysteriously disappeared, only to be replaced by a new Accord and then later an Insight. I guess this explains where it ended up.

Brings back fond memories of a certain 'little red gonda'

Honda Civic Hondamatic 1977 for sale on Trademe »

Car For Sale: Nero Turbo

February 27, 2011

When it comes to the subject of ’80s turbocharged Japanese ferocity, these are indeed a rare sight.

Isuzu Piazza Nero Turbo, tuned by Irmscher. Sweet rims too.

Marketed as the successor to the cult 117 coupe, styled by Giugiaro, tuned by Irmscher, and with a 2 litre turbo donk under the hood powering the rear wheels, once can’t help but feel that the Isuzu Piazza should be heaps popular, given the resurgence of ’80s nostalgia in the last few years. Unfortunately, they just aren’t.

Being sold in Australia and New Zealand as a Holden probably didn’t help either.


With a few blips of the throttle thrown in for good measure… I should really invest in a better microphone. Either that, or not record stuff to my iPod :D

Love the little ‘burble’ in the exhaust note, Michael once described it as sounding “like the car was underwater”. L20ETs have a similar sound if you listen closely.

not long to go before I begin the big boost build…