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With the cruise completed, cars caught up and ready, it was time for a course setup to be decided on and compiled for the gymkhana, thankfully the lovely people of the Tui Brewery had allowed us the use of their car-park.  I think the best thing about the gymkhana was the selection of random cars that took part, some more amusing to watch than others and some completely surprising in their results, the one that amazed the most was the Volvo of durty.  It’s quite the Sci-fi looking machine and didn’t appear to be doing so well but the times were telling stories that many eyes couldn’t fathom.

Ground Control to Major Alex.

Front tugging his way around the ‘cones in the two different layouts you’d be forgiven for thinking the Volvo would end somewhere in the middle of the pack though come time to tally the times (deliberately annoying wording) we thought our circuits were dead and something was wrong.  Though the stopwatch doesn’t lie and Alex had finished a very respectable 3rd place, immediately behind Jess/alfalfa (who was using Zep’s Gem).

Though this is actually Leon/zep, but it's the car so it'll do.

…and the winner of the gymkhana was part of my travelling family, my wife/partner/threesome participant Davecolli, driving one of oldschool’s most amazingly presented vehicles…

…which he later broke…

…but before he broke Peter’s pride and joy, he won the event, driving entirely flacidly, and like a 3month old fart.

Team Retep Racing.

You could see he was driving well but with an open diff working in his favour, the car wasn’t all over the show like some of the other participants.

Look at this joker!


I just saw this on Banpei this morning and had a chuckle so had to share it with those who might browse this but not that.

Horsing around with badges.

I’ll put a post up shortly that you might like too, Art, so keep your peepers peeled! ;)


So, how much power does that silly old 60′s tech non-crossflow L-series 6 make…      …on carbs?

A little digging about on the minkara page to attempt to clarify resulted in this find;


With many thanks to Mark (tenphive), I now have a few panels that are sitting aside up country for me to pay for and have sent down to aid in the recovery of my 110.

So much less storage space required.


I don’t really recall a lot of what happened on the subsequent day from arrival. I spent the morning backwards and forward to areas containing either porcelain or duvet, it wasn’t until later in the afternoon that I recovered enough for the night ahead. For me it was a quiet one, for others (especially some late comers) it was quite a hectic one that involved some serious catch-up and the inevitable doom that comes part and parcel with it.

The morning of events dawned, I felt much better that day than the previous and so getting up and enjoying some breakfast and sparkle yelling at people to sort their vehicles at was nothing my head couldn’t handle. The first event of the day was touted as a sedate cruise to our later point of automotive activity. (For some this proved to not be the case at all.) We got everyone organised to depart and littered the gravel driveway of the camp with our eclectic garner of fine steeds.

Morning Steam, Coffee.. and Cream

The majority managed the cruise without ill affect and despite a few niggles with sparkles initial plan and the reality of early morning children’s sports we made our way to enough of a lay away that the majority of cars could park in the one point for a small photographic opportunity, as such;


From here we carried on through some magical scenery, annoying the crap out of any car waiting at an intersection as it would have to wait for some 40 cars to pass before it could merge into what would normally be a quiet piece of highway.  It was during this cruise that I longed the most for my pathetic piece of swiss-cheesed steel known on this site as the 110-Project, however being the navigator for the cruise co-ordinator did the trick well enough and allowed me to dangerously hang out the window in the rain to take photos like an idiot.