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Well, another month has dawned on us (granted that was a couple of weeks back) and I’ve got another kitset to give away, as such, I’m going to need an answer to this question.

“What other car model shared the same platform as the 1st Generation Skyline?”

If you’ve got an answer to this, leave a comment and I’ll put all the correct answers into a tin/hat/barrel/my pocket before picking out the winner.

This month the prize is as follows;

Custom Skyline Hardtop 2000GT-X

If you click the picture it will take you to which will then allow you to see more pictures of the model itself.  You don’t have to run the square lamps, it comes with stock options as well.  Custom as.

Good luck! and once again thanks go out to Ewan @


Words cannot describe the level of happiness I reached after I returned home today to find my solution for this problem;

Oxide activate! ..form of.. BOOT LID!

The scary part is that the above photo is a good one, it doesn’t even begin to visually relay just how destroyed that boot-lid is, if rust wasn’t the only problem, the previous owner hacking into the skeleton like a flailing zombie would have proved more than difficult enough to remedy.

Thankfully though with big, big ups to the wonderful Ewan of, I placed an order for and subsequently received this replacement;

Replacement Lid


FRP, from external to skeleton.

HUGE thanks to Ewan, again (and again and again) and massive respect to for providing such a fantastic product.  I’m quite sure my mind is made up to wait for the cash to get another few things before I send the car in to get sorted.  No point fixing steel to then rust again at a later date when there’s FRP of this fit and quality about.

Care Instructions - Don't fuck it.


Alright guys, I’ve completely forgotten about this for a long, long time but Ewan (the venerable has sent me some models to use in a competition for you folks.  We’ll start with this little sucker.

Nissan Silvia S12 RS-X

In order to add this to your collection of things that might not ever be completed then be the first to tell me what this car is;

Mystery Car, wwooOOOooooOooOoo

What am I?

Much thanks to,



..aaaaaaaand GO!



You may have noticed in my previous posts the mention of the auction I went to and subsequently ended up with a new vehicle that I didn’t plan on.

If all the talk around the auction was to be believed, the previous owner (or “hoarder” as they were referred to in the auction title (for good reason)) was a Japanese chap who had some manner of tie in with an Osaka automotive museum, he passed on and his young son wanted nothing to do with the cars and all manner of other lark that filled the shed.  The son attempted to sell the vehicles on his own but some of the wrong people managed to get ilk and subsequently stole several vehicles.  After this happened, the place was made a lot more secure and the charge of handling the task went to Christchurch Auctions.

When looking around the place, the tie in with some kind of auto museum makes sense, the collection varied wildly in make, model and condition.  The Prince Skyline Super (S21D-4) that I went up to see, in the initial auction pictures, seemed to be in OK nick.  That is however the illusion of photographs, as you can see with mine.

Can you handle how much this car cranks?

The crank handle is in the car because I wanted to make sure the engine actually spun to help dictate what price I was willing to pay.  It did spin too, quite freely.  Certainly a lot more freely than how bound up my one was. (read: locked solid) now the few things I needed from it.  Fender Mirrors, Grille Badge, Bonnet trim, Rear trim, they weren’t all in great condition but they were better than mine which don’t exist.   (more…)