AW yeah.

April 1, 2009

I couldn’t help myself, and the price was right. So here it is, AW11 number four (and the first supercharged one I’ve owned). The goods: LSD ‘box, pulley upgrade, and ABV mod; suffice to say it tears up the roads with ease, and the way the blower spits out all that torque from down low is phenomenal compared to all those turbo vehicles I own. Why I ever wasted time piddling around in atmo 4A-GE AW11s I’ll never know…

also has some incredibly lightweight 14″ wheels of unknown description, which pleasantly surprised me when I picked one up.

Presently it has a hole in the exhaust flexi joint, so sounds like a tractor – I must attend to that before its next warrant of fitness. But in summary, most fun daily evar!


wedgey goodness

ok, so it’s up on stands in the photo…. but as you’ll note, that was taken in the pits at Taupo. damn supercharger belt had a bad case of the slip that day :(

But still… whee!


flying doorstop express

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  • flawles says:

    i think you like aw11 abit to much aye hahaha, if you cant bring your tx3 to the track day i think you should bring this, theres an armarda or aw11′s coming, be mega sweet seeing heaps of wedges zipping around the track

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