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February 5, 2009

Wouldn’t it be a pleasant surprise to walk into a car yard and stumble across a tidy nostalgic hidden amongst the late-model plastic fantastic? Here are three such picks from vendors across Japan.

on offer this week from Mibu, Tochigi-based yard GARAGE-SUCCESS is this mint condition 1984 Mazda Savanna RX-7 GT-X. Mileage is 81,000km. Asking price? 840,000 yen.


1984 SA22C Mazda Savanna RX-7 GT-X turbo - click to view ad

12A turbo RX-7s, as always, command a healthy premium in the homeland and 840,000 yen is pricey given the current NZD-JPY exchange rate ($18,400 after conversion)… but nowadays you’d be hard-pressed to find another S3 turbo in similar condition on a Japanese yard for any less than around 750,000 yen – especially the mid-range GT-X model with its plush maroon velour interior, full electrics and removable sunroof. This one seems to have escaped serious modification apart from the aftermarket strut brace in the engine bay.

now for something slightly more affordable, and possibly more obscure: ADVANCE of Kasugai City, Aichi have this tidy 1985 Nissan Fairlady 200ZR 2+2 up for grabs at 398,000 yen ($8730).


1985 PZ31 Nissan Fairlady 200ZR 2+2 - click to view ad

200ZRs are of course notable for having the inline-6 RB20DET under the hood instead of the VG-series V6, making them exotic amongst the rest of the Z31 range. this example looks to be standard with 125,000km on the clock, still rolling on stock wheels and sporting the delightfully kitschy factory tape deck to boot. One imagines cruising down Shuto on a sunny afternoon with the t-tops off, aviators on, whilst listening to your favourite band on cassette…

uh, just me on that one?

lastly, ’80s Mitsi aficionados may be pleased to know there are still plenty of Starions kicking around back home, both in 2.0l Sirius and 2.6l Astron flavours. This 1989 widebody GSR-VR of the latter variety is currently on offer from Hong-Baku International of Yokkaichi, Mie prefecture, whose company slogan delightfully proclaims “The World Is Yours!”


1989 A187A Mitsubishi Starion GSR-VR - click to view ad

The ad declares the vehicle to be almost mechanically stock with 120,000km on the clock, and it certainly appears that way right down to the wheels. later Starions had a more subdued black and grey interior, compared to the maroon and tan hues of the early ’80s, and apart from the tacky race pedals and the large hole in the centre console where a stereo presumably used to live, this example seems to be in good nick interior-wise as well. Not bad for 550,000 yen (NZ$12,050).

such a pity the weak NZ dollar currently makes importing any of these vehicles economically unviable.


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