“What is this?” you ask, “RC blogging about a car built after 1989?” Considering the car in question is a Lancia Delta (first released 1979) I feel this is wholly justified!

One owner, 69,000km, telephone dial rims and black interior, what’s there not to like? Even the price is sweet, coming in at a reasonable 450,000 yen (no reserve); that’s only 7200 NZ pesos.

Oh yes.

or if you’re feeling rich you can hit the buy now for a cool 780,000 yen ($12,800).

Black leather isn't my style, but it might be yours?

This particular Integrale is the 200PS 16V (non-Evo) model, distinguishable by the 4-stud rims, lack of side bonnet vents and less prominent rear fender/door bulge. Not as sought after as the Evolution models which followed but certainly nowhere near as expensive either.

Powered by Fiat Twin Cam.

If there absolutely had to be something in my garage manufactured this side of 1989, then an Integrale would be it. And now that the new LHD SIVS laws have come into effect, bringing in one of these highly desirable cars has never been easier. Cue one phone call or email to Ewan @ hayatonka…

Better be in quick though, the auction ends tomorrow – although there are no bidders as of yet.

1992 Lancia Delta Integrale 16V ONE OWNER for sale on Yahoo! Auctions Japan »


  • banpei says:

    Would be cheaper if you went shopping for a Delta Integrale in Europe:

    Okay they are not as mint as the Japanese car, but a lot more reasonable price since the Integrale was sold here in large quantities. ;)

    You could also go for this EVO 2 based Martini replica:
    And probably pay about the same as the “I feel rich” price for the Japanese Integrale. ;)

  • Kyusha Kai says:

    Not an EVO, but still AWESOME. The late 0-60 magazine did a great write up on driving around an Integrale EVO in the UK’s tunnels (along with TVR’s, Lambos, Ferraris, etc) just to put the pedal to the floor and listen to the glorious noise.

  • Orion says:

    Art: wow those are some cheap(ish) Deltas, which goes to show the disparity between markets. Here in NZ you would be hard pressed to find a rough Grale for any less than $15k, which makes $8k + shipping for that tidy JDM one an utter bargain.

    Lance: Those Fiat/Lancia TC engines do indeed sound glorious :) Right up there with the howl of a FJ20 in my books!

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