It’s quite amazing what will sometimes pop up on trademe.  In this instance it’s a 1966 130-series Cedric.

1966 Nissan Cedric

Not the prettiest of cars and certainly not in mint condition but as any Cedric aficionado will tell you, it’s not an easy one to come across.  The 1966 was the very first of the 130-series which received three face-lifts in it’s tenure.  What sets the “Mark I” apart aesthetically from the rest of the 130 variants, are the block like tail-lamps that sit far to each side, as shown in the next photo…

1966 Cedric Rear

This particular car is claimed to be a 2600cc 6cylinder.  Which is likely to mean that at some stage someone has put an L26 in it.  That’s a little disappointing if it is the case, here’s hoping though it’s just a little misunderstanding.  However, when they’re asking $1500NZD, it’s not really that great of a concern.  If you’re interested in it, I would suggest getting in relatively quickly as I can’t imagine it hanging about too long at that price.  You can check out more of it here;



  • nzmax says:

    I looked at one of these years ago in Christchurch which may have even been the same car. It was in a garage barely big enough to fit it, and the guy selling it said he couldnt be bothered getting it out of the garage, so wasnt able to get a good look at it. Looking back, I think selling the car was a complete inconvenience to him…lol. These should have an H20 motor shouldnt they? At the same time, I had also looked at a later 130series 1969? Datsun 2400 Super Six (what the later Cedrics were called here) which was a complete and total rust bucket. Still complete though, with the self seek radio, power aerial and rear set radio controls which all still worked.

  • Steven Pops says:

    I now own this car. Relisted Trade Me 7/2014. Drove from CHCH to Masterton. Ran nice with no problems, brakes all done and more. Some small rust areas to do, and LOOKING for a replacement L/F Lower balljoint. Maybe all it needs to go for WOF. Will need re-vinning, as Deregistered 1998. What the f%&k for? Shoulda been put on hold.

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