With much thanks going out to Shiloh of ‘Raizer Images’ I will have a collection of photos from this show that’s taken place over the last few days and the coming weekend.  Here’s a quick preview;

1928 Mercedes SSK

1972 Renault Fourgon



  • Raizer says:

    Here is an interesting little fact that not many people know about the Renault 4 vans, the wheel base is different on each side of the car!
    It is to do with fitting the rear suspension, one rear wheel is close to the front of the arch and the other one is close to the back! lol

  • Dinesh says:

    Same as the Renault 16 , it is to do with the torsion bar rear suspension. Nice to see such a survior in Godzone. Hats off to the owner.

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