sweet random snap from a recent discussion thread about Skylines and race livery. I quite like the Calsonic colour(s) myself, even though I’ve never been a large fan of blue cars. (It’s second only to the DR30 Silhouette red’n'black in my books, but that’s a given!)

Of equal interest is the large MIKUNI logo on the wall in the background… now how sweet would that be on a t-shirt?!

Number 24, Calsonic HR31

but riddle me this: who drove the #24 car, and when? The only one I remember is #12.

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  • kyteler says:

    Looking at the wide-body, this is not your regular JTC Gr.A car which I think is where the number issues lie.

    #24 during the JTC was the “DIESEL KIKI” Sponsored R31 driven by K. Tohira & T. Kinoshita.

    I can’t help but wonder what class and what event this is… …investigations shall commence at work tomorrow!

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