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September 1, 2009

Once upon a time there was this website called Yahoo! Auctions Japan, where items of much merriment and joy could be bought and sold amongst mortal men.

On this website there happened to be a DR30 Skyline ducktail spoiler for sale, of the kind made by a company known as JENESIS.


And Ed saw this spoiler, and deemed it worthy of purchasing, because impulse buying is what he does best.

Thusly to New Zealand the spoiler made its way, in the back of a van – courtesy of Ewan @ Hayatonka. Once in NZ arrangements were made to pick up the spoiler from Tauranga… and to Auckland it was finally transported last Friday, where it sat in the corner of the lounge over the weekend while trackday came and went.

Today the great unwrapping took place, followed by a quick test fitment.

test fit 02 (by retro-classics)

Blu-tacked in place!

And after all that build-up, the final verdict? Still unsure if I’ll end up using it, but it does match the lines of the rear, doesn’t look too intrusive, and the little devil-horns are cheekily appropriate for a red car!

Mostly, I guess I’m too used to seeing the rear end of the coupe spoiler-less. But a change is good. Plus Jenesis parts are always a bonus to have.

test fit 03 (by retro-classics)

You horny devil.

Mini flickr set here »


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