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April 21, 2009

I was going to provide a video link for today’s entry, showing something cool from YouTube that I hadn’t found yet.  I then discovered that Broccoli from had already discovered something that I thought was sweetly epic so I figured I’ll just roll with that.

I have seen before, on auction an R32 Skyline Coupe with an L28 on triples, it’s not a common occurrence for people to swap an RB for an L and is infact far more common for the opposite to happen.  I do think however, that more people should swap in L6′s.  Like this chap has…

Would be so much sweeter to see it actually powering the car but still… it’s pretty damned cool to see.

A lot of you will be familiar with this car now, it’s been at least mentioned on here a few times, perhaps only once…  regardless.  It’s Alistairs EP70 Toyota Starlet.  When he bought it recently all the hard work was done but externally it looked fairly average.  Rather than tart it up, Alistair decided to return it back to more of an original look.  Being it houses a 4E-FTE from a later model Glanza Turbo Starlet and is quite capable in the performance stakes, the look is one more commonly referred to as “sleeper”.  Though nothing external, here’s a little video Alistair made lastnight and then posted on YouTube, it gives you a little idea of how rapid this tiny machine can be.

Hopefully he’ll have some external shots of it at the strip and at the track sometime in the not too distant future and the moment he does, I can guarantee you that I’ll have it up on here.

You can read more about the car on oldschool, here;
Alistair’s EP70 Nana Racer