Random Retro Snap

I’ve had contact back that I was waiting for so with that now out of the way I can get onto posting the pictures up from the Teretonga Classic Speed Fest., that said, it’s too late in the shift to be doing it now so you can have another one of these singles and I’ll get onto proper stuff tomorrow so stay tuned for that.


Wings and Stacks, Exhausting.


Random Retro Snap; BTCC

February 27, 2011

From A to B of the TCC variety.

This car is quite A-Rouse-ing.

Historic Touring Car category of the Classic Speed Fest. was enviably awesome.


Ex-Jim Richards 635

In memory of the ATCC


Sorry for the delay, this CHC scenario has my head in a different space than is conducive to getting the blog sorted, so for an unspecified amount of time you’ll have to make do with drip feeds of images.

Still love this car, so amazing.


Random Retro Snap; Fuch That!

February 21, 2011

Shoes for the Martini Porsche;

Wrapped in wide, soon to be sticky rubber.

Unused, as yet.