Though in the concept stage for many years, a few things combined to finally bring to reality, what is now called retro-classics.

What is currently available online, in a forum sense, to older car enthusiasts in NZ, is either directly manufacturer or model dependent, or country dependent.   Niche markets and social groups for certain types of cars and certain ways of styling cars.  Anything not accepted within one group, tends to shun those that do like or prefer that style, those who would otherwise be a beneficial contribution to the skills and knowledge base, which could only ever help other people.

What is attempting to be done here is a place where anyone can discuss anything automotive related… from balloon tyred Australian and American muscle, to stretched tyred European and Japanese rides and long forgotten or just often missed cars from Russia and surrounding areas.   Discussion about cars from all era’s is welcome, though earlier cars, pre-1990 are what I want to try focus on in particular.   After-all, everyone needs a focus.

So either sit back and read or contribute, it’s your call.  If you enjoy the posts on here, feel free to comment.  Unless it’s slander or not related to cars or vehicles, in which case it’s probably best you keep your thoughts to yourself.

Once the forum is up in the coming months, I’ll be able to be reached via PM (private message) if you need to contact me in the meantime, then do so via comment.

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  • John Deadman says:

    Hi you have a photo of a 1961 Dodge pioneer do you know who owns this??

    John Deadman
    KERRIDGE LTD / linens and more

    Phone xx xxx xxxx Extn xxx

    MOB: xxxx xxxxxx

  • Zac says:

    Hi i seen you were keen on buying a f30 leopard coupe a few years back would you been keen on buying one im not sure what model it is but its 2 door and has twin rectangle headlights

  • kyteler says:

    I would be dead keen, though I don’t really have the cash to spend on such things at the moment.

  • Julia says:

    Hi Michael,

    I’m writing you on behalf of CARiD Blog ( We’re going to add a Blogroll section on our blog and we’d love to place a link to your website in it. Retro Classics is a cool resource, with the heart and soul put into it. In other words, you run a great blog and we’d like to share it with our readers.

    Our blog has yet to win the community love like you did, but this is what we strive for and put our effort and passion in. In case you find CARiD Blog interesting enough to link to it from your website, we’d be honored.

    By the way, we’ve recently featured an interview and build thread of a cool ‘67 Chevelle. I thought you might like to check Feel free to repost it with the link to the original article.

    Thank you and keep up the great job!

    Best regards,

    Julia Chebakova

  • Josh says:

    Hi, I enjoy reading everything on your site.
    How do I enter the latest comp?

  • kyteler says:

    The same way you asked this question, except do it on the competition post instead of the about page. ;)

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