This guy clearly needs a haircut.

Once again Taupo put on some magnificent weather for the RR invitational trackday this past Saturday… (cue Tui ad). OS regulars Philip Weston LMVD, Tomstament and myself were fortunate enough to attend, with Phil the only one willing to brave the elements and partake in a full day of unintentional D1s around the extremely wet track (resulting in Lard developing a BHG later that afternoon… bugger!). One of my mate’s mates even showed up in an Alfa 75 TS which he proceeded to give absolute death, resulting in the diff eventually welding itself together.

also in attendance was suspension guru and Targa co-driver Chris Alexander, showing the Evo/4WD/new car “cheaters” how it’s done in a Mk2 Escort panelvan:


All in all, an interesting day – and I even got to take the freshly complied and road legal banana for a victory lap or three, during which it consumed roughly the same amount of fuel as an open road cruise from Hamilton to Auckland (a shade over 9 litres). Smooth rotary power, indeed.

Banana vs. lard; battle of the food groups

RR trackday, 7th Aug ’10 – a set on flickr »


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